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Trying on Hats

Today we shopped in the Brass Armadillo, a giant antique mall in the northwest end of Denver. I love to walk through the isles looking at  the different ways people have assembled little bits of history. One booth will be filled with delicate china and lace, and the very next booth might be filled with bright red Coca-Cola, or Elvis, or 1950's kitch, or vintage toys. It's that varied and almost overwhelming. Years ago when I started walking through the big antique malls with my sister-in-law I decided the thing to do was play a game. Pick something and look for it over and over again. Notice the pricing, the number of colors it comes in, or stlyes. It is a great way to occupy little kids on a rainy afternoon. Or even yourself. We've hunted the mall for square lidded pyrex dishes, hammered aluminum platters, santa head mugs: you get the idea. We have spent many afternoons taking a trip through history.

This is Easter weekend so why not look for-                                                                                   

Vintage Easter Bonnets!

We walked the isles looking at all the old hats. We found dozens but some where too stern, and others to western to be Easter Bonnets. Finally I found this hat booth. Jackpot!!

And then I tried on a few hats, because I needed a model. Talk about silly selfies!

Well - I certainly don't wear a hat like my mother-in-law or my sister-in-law.

Jane on the left, me in the middle and Lynn on the right. 1977

I am flanked by tall, stylish women in hats!

We had a good time taking the trip down memory lane. Make sure you add a trip to an antique mall on your list. You will find wonderful collections of history, and it's free to walk through! You might see your favorite toys from your childhood, or your prom dress, or even your Mom's kitchen table and chairs. It's all there waiting for you to visit.

And here is my Easter card to you!     



Red Zinnias!

from the studio today, 7 x 7 inches square.



Renewal - new cards for spring release

When I think of spring, I think of RENEWAL. It is such a lovely word for a fresh start.  As I gather all the small twigs, leaves and pine cones that accumulate in my yard over winter, I see perennials and bulbs start to emerge from the ground. Just as my garden awakens with renewed growth, I have also thought about the paintings I make and use for my greeting cards. I am not a single path person. I really admire those who are, and I imagine their studios and creative spaces are much tidier than my own. My interests are varied and many: knitting, crocheting, doll making, sewing, quilting, cookie baking, and of course painting. Inside each of those categories lie additional layers and themes.

When I started my greeting card company, I was absolutely convinced that I could not do one thing forever. I can't. I have themes of bouquets, field flowers, birds and of course, my beloved Women I Might Have Known. The women I have made paintings of are very dear to me and I will always continue to make those paintings. Over the winter I have been thinking it might be fun to expand the series to women of many ages. I had several images in mind right away, and I searched through my albums to find those pictures. Check them out below.

Both will be birthday cards. but they would also make a very good thank you card and encouragement card. Hope you love the new women as much as I do.

Happy Spring,



I live in a beautiful place

This morning I woke up to a beautiful snow covered fairy land. The sun is shinning and already the heavy snow is melting away. Colorado is simply beautiful. I'm always amazed at magnificent blue skies and dazzling sunlight. It's easy to watch snow melt and think of spring.

Lately I've been thinking about new themes. They have been swirling around in my dreams, but gift shows, order fullfillments and tax prep have all preempted new work. There is nothing like a snowed in morning to begin. Can't wait to get started.


4 New Birthday Cards

I'm so pleased with these new greeting cards. I hope you like them too.

Look for them in my online store soon.