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Women's Project - Telling stories about great woman 

Those of you who follow my series -Women I Might Have Known, know what an inspiration all of the women in my life have been to me. I spend countless hours studying our old photo albums so that I might find a picture and story that wants to be told. 



I met Christine in New York, but we both live in the Denver area. She began as my sales rep but has become one of my dearest friends. I like this pose of Christine because she glows with confidence. She has been on an amazing life journey and reminds me of the postings I see every one sharing in social media. You Can Do It, Take Flight, Brave Girl, Go for it, Only You Decide….. All of that applies. She has lived in lots of places; she has found new career opportunities in each of those places, and mostly as an independent woman, literally taking care of her own stuff. Of course I think she’s a great sales person, but there’s a whole lot more to her than that. She enriches the lives of those around her, gathering people into her tribe so that they can have opportunities too. I wish you could all be Christine’s friend. 



April 17

Janet is my sister in law. She is a wife, mother and grandmother of two sweet girls.  I didn’t appreciate her when we were younger. I guess we were all busy growing up, but I’ve known her for more than 40 years and I have come to value her as the connective thread that keeps our family together. She is the record keeper. She knows all of the birthdates, who is sick and who needs help. I would bet she knows all of her elder neighbor and regularly checks on them too.  Janet pays attention. In the most unassuming way, she has completely endeared herself to my family. Janet always sewed beautifully (I paid attention to that!), and she crochets wonderful afghans that she gives for special occasions. If our lives are measured by the people we have touched then Janet’s cup is overflowing. 



Sara is an expert knitter, weaver and spinner. She has an impressive stash of skeins, cones and fleece. Spinning wheels in one room, weaving looms in others, and projects on needles where she sits to knit remind us that she is a Maker, with a capitol M. Her background includes teaching and interior design, both reflected in her love to learn new methods and choose beautiful combinations of color and fiber. She is a listener and surely that is the explanation for her adeptness in producing beautiful, flawless results. I don’t think she is easily distracted from her work. Sara is a wife, mother, and grandmother. All of her loved ones are the happy recipients of her talents. Through everything from knitted socks to woven blankets, she has created a legacy of handmade treasures and heirlooms that define her to each of them. I am happy walking with Sara as much as I am happy knitting with her. She has a smart engaging humor that I love.

And I'm pretty sure she can fix my knitting!



April 14

Ashley is my daughter in law. She has a dazzling smile that we all love. I was so excited when my son introduced her to us. I would no longer be the only woman in this family of boys! Ashley is an adventurer, having traveled about the world.  She is smart with a calm demeanor that suits her beautifully for her career as a professional social worker. Like my sisters, she is a beach lover, finding her center in sunsets and ocean breezes. She is also Eleanor’s mommy, and that’s just icing on my cake. I waited a long time for these grand additions to my life and I am grateful every day.



April 11

I have been painting with Diane for 10 years. There is a calm serenity in Diane that makes her easy to paint beside. With her signature shock of white hair bent over her paper, sometimes it seems that she is not in motion. But then we put our work up for critique and WOW! Her paintings are beautiful experiments of color and motion. They win awards and sell quickly to her collectors. I am grateful for her steadfast friendship and smart critique. As long as I have known her, I find her opinions are thought provoking and often steward me in a more reasonable direction than the one I might have chosen on my own. Diane knows a lot. I think she is a wonderful friend.  She is a wife, a mother and a grandmother to a grand bunch who think she’s pretty wonderful too.