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Sara is an expert knitter, weaver and spinner. She has an impressive stash of skeins, cones and fleece. Spinning wheels in one room, weaving looms in others, and projects on needles where she sits to knit remind us that she is a Maker, with a capitol M. Her background includes teaching and interior design, both reflected in her love to learn new methods and choose beautiful combinations of color and fiber. She is a listener and surely that is the explanation for her adeptness in producing beautiful, flawless results. I don’t think she is easily distracted from her work. Sara is a wife, mother, and grandmother. All of her loved ones are the happy recipients of her talents. Through everything from knitted socks to woven blankets, she has created a legacy of handmade treasures and heirlooms that define her to each of them. I am happy walking with Sara as much as I am happy knitting with her. She has a smart engaging humor that I love.

And I'm pretty sure she can fix my knitting!

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