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Women's Project - Telling stories about great woman 

Those of you who follow my series -Women I Might Have Known, know what an inspiration all of the women in my life have been to me. I spend countless hours studying our old photo albums so that I might find a picture and story that wants to be told. 



April 5

Connie lived directly across the street from me and I miss her terribly. Yes, it is true that I stole her lilacs. On the first morning of bloom, when a breeze carried the lovely fragrance through my bedroom window, I took off like a bullet to snip a few blooms.  But look at that knowing smile. She knew. That’s the school teacher in her.  I miss being able to run into her kitchen and borrow an egg. I miss her running into my kitchen to borrow sugar. This doesn’t seem very important until it’s not possible anymore. We knit dinosaur sweaters for our sons together. We painted peppers in a bread bowl together.  We met in the street at midnight on New Year’s Eve and drank champagne in our pj”s. She stood by my side through my youngest son’s illness. If I could scoop her up and bring here, I would do it in a heartbeat. Like me - Connie is a mom to 3 sons and a grandmother. And like me we both had to wait for a grandchild to get our precious girl. All I can say is God bless face time!



April 4


My friend Judy is a knitting master and quilter extraordinaire.  And she remembers everything! What was that pattern? Judy Knows. Who designed it? Judy knows. What yarn is good for this? Judy knows. I should have painted her wearing the Amazing Karnak head wrap.  More seriously, she is a generous with her knowledge and supports all of us in our knitting group. Her quilting is as amazing as her knitting. Lucky is the recipient who has been gifted with one of her treasures.  I am among the many who treasure her friendship.



April 3

Claudia is a beautiful example of how a girl evolves into a woman. She had a social conscious early in college participating in protests relevant to events she cared deeply about. She began her career in marketing, moved to writing jobs and eventually became a minister that included working many years in pastoral care as a chaplain at a hospital. At the same time she became a wife, mother, grandmother and friend. Not only is Claudia able to see the humorous aspects of our foibles and help us laugh, she is capable of enormous compassion and love for all who have met her. She is in my opinion a contemporary definition of a feminist.  She is a woman who knows her own spirit and has never been afraid of the quest to find her proper place in this universe. You will not find Claudia saying, “I should have, I could have.” She’s doing it! 



April 2

Marie was Mary Ellen's and Barbra Ann's mother. When I painted her portrait I found the same features I had painted in her daughters, especially that dynamic smile. She was a gifted seamstress and a had a grand, dry humor, which is also reflected in both of her daughters. She lived a very, short but happy life. Marie was a wife, mother of three and loved deeply by her family. I'm honored to celebrate a woman who's memory is so cherished. 


Mary Ellen

April 1

Mary Ellen, or as my dad called her, “Mary Hellion” is a younger cousin of mine, and Barbara Ann’s sister. When she was little girl I remember her tiny squeaky voice. She loved to visit my mom, even when she was a teenager. My mom was quite fond of her and loved having her show up.  She has always been athletic and is a HUGE St Louis Cardinal fan. Mary Ellen is a mom and a grandmother, and according to her sister, the life of all family gatherings. I think that is a grand position to hold in your family.