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Women's Project - Telling stories about great woman 

Those of you who follow my series -Women I Might Have Known, know what an inspiration all of the women in my life have been to me. I spend countless hours studying our old photo albums so that I might find a picture and story that wants to be told. 


Barbara Ann

March 31

Barbara Ann is my cousin. We called her Bobbie. I loved to listen to her talk when I was a kid. She carried the sophisticated mystery that older cousins always have, and a beautiful voice that was made to tell a story - topped off with her sharp, witty humor, just like her dad. She calls it “channeling my inner Chuck!” She is a maker just like her mother, sewing and crafting, even making a costume her daughter wore in an Irish dance performance. Barbara is also a new grandmother. She is crazy about her family and her ancestry. I think I would love to stand next to her along the parade route to see her daughter dance and her husband, a professional bagpiper, march by. I bet she has a couple of really great stories to share! Slainte, Barbara



March 30

Becky is older than me by two years, and I always thought pretty bossy. My mom dressed us alike. It was easier to buy one dress in two sizes than 2 dresses. We were definitely not the same. Becky was vivacious, exhibiting leadership skills early on. When we were children, she organized our neighborhood games. When we were teenagers she picked which dances we were going to. She has a dynamic personality that draws people to her and it was alright with me to go places with Becky! As an adult, she is a mom with a son and a daughter. She is a grandmother of two adorable girls. I think she has abdicated her throne to her eldest granddaughter.




March 29


It is my pleasure and honor to introduce you to Eleanor. Through the wonders of face time, her Grandpa John and I sit mesmerized as we watch her drool, stick out her tongue, find her toes and sing her song. We adore each and every minute watching her discovery of self. I love to watch her hands - always in motion, and her hiccups make grandpa giggle. We are learning the rhythm of her speech and song, and cannot wait till the next time we see her again. It is truly a glorious experience to know Eleanor!



March 28

I have known my sister-in-law, Lynn since 1975. She spent her career fixing messes. It was her specialty. Lynn only went to work for companies that were on the edge of disaster. She reorganized their operation methods, cleaned up the books and helped them make profit, and then moved on.  I’ve seen her do it countless times and I know challenge is what drives her. She has always been interested in the history and style of jewelry and fashion, and because you cannot turn Lynn off, (retirement? HA!)  she is now an amazing metal smith and jewelry designer. Talk about a second career!  Her design studio is in Arizona but check out her web shop:

I've written about Lynn and you can find more stories and pics in my blog archives.


Susan -self portrait

March 27

Aside from being a wife and mother, I sew, paint, knit, crochet, and maybe do a little smocking for my granddaughter. When backing away from my portrait - I'm a whole person, but when you look closely, I'm constructed of lots of timy pieces. Each fragment necessary to make a whole me. I like that!