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Women's Project - Telling stories about great woman 

Those of you who follow my series -Women I Might Have Known, know what an inspiration all of the women in my life have been to me. I spend countless hours studying our old photo albums so that I might find a picture and story that wants to be told. 

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April 14

Ashley is my daughter in law. She has a dazzling smile that we all love. I was so excited when my son introduced her to us. I would no longer be the only woman in this family of boys! Ashley is an adventurer, having traveled about the world.  She is smart with a calm demeanor that suits her beautifully for her career as a professional social worker. Like my sisters, she is a beach lover, finding her center in sunsets and ocean breezes. She is also Eleanor’s mommy, and that’s just icing on my cake. I waited a long time for these grand additions to my life and I am grateful every day.