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Women's Project - Telling stories about great woman 

Those of you who follow my series -Women I Might Have Known, know what an inspiration all of the women in my life have been to me. I spend countless hours studying our old photo albums so that I might find a picture and story that wants to be told. 

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April 11

I have been painting with Diane for 10 years. There is a calm serenity in Diane that makes her easy to paint beside. With her signature shock of white hair bent over her paper, sometimes it seems that she is not in motion. But then we put our work up for critique and WOW! Her paintings are beautiful experiments of color and motion. They win awards and sell quickly to her collectors. I am grateful for her steadfast friendship and smart critique. As long as I have known her, I find her opinions are thought provoking and often steward me in a more reasonable direction than the one I might have chosen on my own. Diane knows a lot. I think she is a wonderful friend.  She is a wife, a mother and a grandmother to a grand bunch who think she’s pretty wonderful too.