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About Susan Schmitt

"I work inside defined parameters with a process of ever evolving experimentation, creating small paintings in series that include elements of abstract underpainting, bold color, and random tools to create effects. I am an advocate of working in a community of other artists to learn, share, and teach." - Susan Schmitt

Susan Schmitt's focus in painting is that of the human experience and perspective. Painting since an early age, Schmitt studied with her father, an artist and engineer, for many years. Continuing her education at Washington University in St. Louis where she studied fine art, painting, art history and design. 

The evolution of Schmitt's work over time, from a more realist approach to one more experimental, is defined by visible brush strokes, a focus on movement and light, and a more impressionistic nature. Her most current series' include Quilted Women ( images  of women that portray emotions that are uniquely feminine and iconic, and part of her own history), Petals (abstracted bouquets of flowers) and Women I Might Have Known (a series of paintings and stories of women she has known and admired). Ultimately she strives for unusual ways to observe the image and push the boundaries of her media. Selected paintings from all of these series are represented as greeting cards offered through her company, Susan Schmitt Art. 


Her original paintings are often featured in solo and group shows throughout the area. Susan currently resides in Arvada, Colorado where she works and teaches from her home studio.  Susan offers 1 day workshops, demonstrations and discussions related to her art and business. Contact through this website.


Susan Schmitt Art greeting cards are painted and designed by me and produced in Denver, CO.Click on SHOP to view  cards and other products currently available. You can purchase them at one of the awesome retailers who stock my line, or order through my shop if a retailer is not near you. If you have a shop in mind who might find my cards appealing, please share my information. Wholesale buyers please send email inquiries to me at to request a catalog and pricing.