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Celebrate Joy in 2016

I am a cup half full girl. Certainly I have failures and frustrations just like everyone else, but focusing on those things is not going to make my day or my life better. I think it is easier for me to do almost anything if I add a few happy thoughts in to the mix.  I  leave my bad stuff at home. 

I know a few people who look at their day in just the same way. Honestly, they just sparkle! And when I watch them with other people, I see their smiles bring smiles and happier discussions to those with them. You know it really is contagious!

Just like Dick Van Dyke sings to Janet Leigh in Bye Bye Birdie, smiling can work like magic. Put on a happy face. Spread sunshine all over the place and put on a happy face!   

Below is my "spread the love" greeting card.

Inside greeting: Can I borrow some of that?

 I just love this cheerful happy woman with arms filled with daisies. She sends out positive vibes to everyone. If you know someone who spreads the love - let her know it works.

And let's celebrate our joy in 2016.


new greeting card formats for 2016

Oh my!

As an artist, I'm always wanting to make new things. For 2016 I revised my sweet Garden Club Volunteers. I've always loved our antique photo albums with delicate edged photographs and faded writing accompanying the photos. And I am a fan of beautiful old garden journls. The new card fomats are inspired by antique photo frames, vintage faded papers and beautiful cursive writing. I've painted my own vintage look papers, and even used old photos from John's family albums to find just the right square frame that fits my garden ladies. I've added a lovely handwritten font and I think I've made some darling cards that will suit the old quotes I'm so fond of. 

Here are two of the new style. Take a look.....


                                      I love these new cards. Look for them in my shop soon!


My favorite cookies!

Springerle cookies are my favorite

This moring I got up early so I could have the kitchen to myself and made my first batch of cookies. I always start my baking with Springerle cookies since they need some time to meld all the flavors together.

I sprinkled Anise Seeds on my cookie sheet.

I rolled my cookie dough with my Springerle rolling pin, cut the cookies and put them on the cookie sheets to dry out before I bake them. For the cookie recipe, tips and pictures go here.

Happy baking!



Celebrating Friendship

I was recently asked to paint a commission celebrating more than 30 years of friendship. I'm very selective regarding commissions because I would rather paint what I want to paint. As I age, I am more interested in creating things that interest me rather than others. If someone else likes it- that's icing on my cake. I was slightly hesitant to accept this commission, but what a great story to convince me to make a new painting.

Three women have an amazing friendship that has lasted more than 30 years. At this stage of their lives they have been through all that life can deal us. How remarkable that three women can love and support each other through most of their adult lives. They have always been there for each other offering love and friendship to solve problems and celebrate success. Still I hesitated,  but the woman I spoke to told me they planned to present the painting as a gift to one of this amazing trio to celebrate her birthday. And guess what? She was turning 60 on the same day I was turning 60! Well I felt like I was celebrating my own birthday.

I agreed to make a painting of three women who love and support each other. They stand together at the water's edge as one. I tbelieve the ocean is life affirming. It hits all of our sensory needs when we stand on the shoreline. We can feel the water lapping at our feet, hear the waves steady rythmn that helps to cradle us into slower, relaxed breathing. It smells heavenly and tastes salty. And, the vision of horizon is something I can look at forever. Its a place of healing and calm. Friendship offers the same to our lives. Friends are a safe haven that hold your secrets and they often know you better than sometimes you know yourself. They can restore your spirit in meaningful ways. Friends fill the emptiness we sometimes find in our lives and they definitely require us laugh at ourselves. 

What an awesome way to commemorate sisterhood.

Of course I made their celebration into a friendship greeting card ! I want everyone to celebrate great friendships. you can purchase this card in my shop.

your smile, your laughter, your courage and your heart
 I’m so happy to have your friendship.

 May we always cherish our friends for the amazing richness they bring to our lives. We would be incomplete without them. I salute all of my girlfriends! Thank you for making my life so complete!

Cheers, Susan


Quilted Women Coloring Book

Ta Da..... I'm so happy to introduce my Quilted Women coloring book. 11 illustrations to color and design your own beautiful color stories. 

You can find my coloring books in my shop or in my etsy shop

Remember to select a greeting card you like and send me the stock number in your convo with your order because I return your shipping expenses in same value greeting cards!

Happy coloring,