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My favorite cookies!

Springerle cookies are my favorite

This moring I got up early so I could have the kitchen to myself and made my first batch of cookies. I always start my baking with Springerle cookies since they need some time to meld all the flavors together.

I sprinkled Anise Seeds on my cookie sheet.

I rolled my cookie dough with my Springerle rolling pin, cut the cookies and put them on the cookie sheets to dry out before I bake them. For the cookie recipe, tips and pictures go here.

Happy baking!



I knew you were coming so I baked a cake.

Each year I make a heart shaped dessert on or around Valentine’s Day. Only one of our sons still lives with us and John travels quite a bit, so this year I made my desserts for Sunday dinner.  I always use my heart shaped pans to make a cake, and this year I needed cookies for an event so I found the heart shaped cookie cutter and used that too.

Chocolate Cherry Cake and Conversation Heart cookies.

John might be out of town on Valentine’s Day, but he’ll be home the next day. I like to think he would be happy to find a piece of cake and a glass of milk when he finally makes his way home from the airport late at night.

   Happy Valentine's Day.  XOXO,



put a bird on it

Recently I have developed a fondness for all things bird.

Inspired by my friend, Sydney, I've painted a full series of birds to cheer up my studio. You can check out my painting tutorial that produced all of these wonderful little birds in the bird border above and shown in the full painting, Social Networking below. I'll share more bird paintings later.

Social Networking, 18 x 24" framed acrylic.  Social Networking was a fun painting I created in steps to use as a demonstration for an artists guild in 2012. It was fun to show so many people how a painting like this is developed.

I am not the only person making birds this year. Look at these!

I can't help but brag about my talented sister-in-law, who just happens to be a designer working primarily in wire and metals. click on her website,  Slinky Lynnx Chic . Each of these one of kind wire birds are perfect for an ornament to give as a gift or keep for yourself. When I saw these, I thought, How cute would a mobile be of these? I would love one to hang in a sunny window. They have little bits of glass beads that would pick up the light beautifully as they turn back and forth in the breeze. There are many more birdies on her website, as well as some pretty cool jewelry.

Click on this link to receive a free gift of Little Birdie gift cards.

a pdf to print out on 8.5 x 11" paper. Just cut them apart and fold to make 8 Little Birdie cards.

Finally, I'll leave you with one of my favorite holiday decorations, a bird tree. It is the first decoration out just before Thanksgiving and will charm me for many months through the winter, long after we have eaten the last of the cookies and packed up all of the holiday decorations.