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Celebrate Joy in 2016

I am a cup half full girl. Certainly I have failures and frustrations just like everyone else, but focusing on those things is not going to make my day or my life better. I think it is easier for me to do almost anything if I add a few happy thoughts in to the mix.  I  leave my bad stuff at home. 

I know a few people who look at their day in just the same way. Honestly, they just sparkle! And when I watch them with other people, I see their smiles bring smiles and happier discussions to those with them. You know it really is contagious!

Just like Dick Van Dyke sings to Janet Leigh in Bye Bye Birdie, smiling can work like magic. Put on a happy face. Spread sunshine all over the place and put on a happy face!   

Below is my "spread the love" greeting card.

Inside greeting: Can I borrow some of that?

 I just love this cheerful happy woman with arms filled with daisies. She sends out positive vibes to everyone. If you know someone who spreads the love - let her know it works.

And let's celebrate our joy in 2016.


Little Wonder Woman

I took a beautiful photograph of my niece, Rebecca many years ago. We were was getting ready for her 3rd birthday party. She was so excited, busy overseeing all the party preprations and anticipating an event about her. I thought she was just adorable in her wonder woman underwear and sponge curlers. When I decided last year to begin adding some younger women into my card line, I simply fell in love with this photo again.

I'm so happy she granted me permission to use the image in one of my greeting cards. She is an awesome adult - educator, wife and mother with her own little wonder woman (and son!)

Little Wonder Woman is a perfect encouragement card for any woman, young or old.

Find this card at retailers who stock my greeting cards, or in my shop